About RMG Engineering

Find out why RMG Engineering is a Brazilian company with international quality standards

Who We Are

RMG Engineering is a Brazilian company with International quality standards. Founded in 1990, it has over the years become known as one of the most highly regarded companies in its field. It continues to be a pioneer and ahead of its time when it comes to developing solutions, efficiency and innovation, which is what makes their projects´ stand out.

Following high standards of responsibility, RMG Engineering specializes in Metal and Concrete projects as well as management, preventive maintenance. RMG´s objective is to guarantee excellence in engineering, in modern projects, repairs, adaptations and restorations.


To respectfully provide quality optimized solutions for structural and assembly projects.


To be a company of reference in Latin America that offers intelligent engineering solutions.


Prioritizing customer satisfaction.
Ethical work.
Quality and Know-How.
Trust in our Team.

Directors and Founders

Comercial Director
Carlos Luiz Guedes Carneiro

Engineering Director
Klemes Rher
Jurn Jewe H. Maertens
Luis Carlos Gomide