Areas of Expertise

RMG Engineering´s work always uses the highest standards in bridge technology, market tendencies and innovation. Our efficiency in maintaining high standards exists because of our business model that incorporates the following major areas of expertise.

Main Expertise

Conceptual projects, Basic, Execution and Assembly of Road Construction Structures in Various Construction Processes:

Bridges and roadway overpasses.
Bridges and railway overpasses.
Bridges and road-railway overpasses.
Pedestrian overpasses.
Bicycle overpasses.
Infrastructure and essential equipment for assembly.
Recuperation and Restoration of old bridges and overpasses.

Conceptual projects, Basic, Executives and Assembly of Metal Structures:

Industrial Plants.
Commercial Buildings.
Roofing and Warehouses.
Cultural, Athletic and Tourist centers.
Gantry for Industry and Construction.

Alternative solutions research for metal structures.

Technical assistance for customers in the
factories and at the construction sites.

Technical consulting for manufacturers with
official technical reports.

Project Quality Control.

Technical detailing for production and assembly.

Special Structures.